Screen-Capture Software.

Bug Shooting is the perfect tool for software developers as well as testers. Bug Shooting provides you an easy way to create screen captures and attach them to items of your bug tracking or issue management system, e.g. in order to report a bug or to explain an improvement suggestion visually.

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Why This Software Super Cool?


With the intelligent capture mode, it is as simple as never before to capture the screen. Try it out, you will love it.


Create professional graphics by adding different effects to your screenshots. Add text, arrows or other graphics.


Share your Screenshots directly to external bug tracking and issue management systems, e-mail, image editing and instant messaging applications.


Bug Shooting automatically storage the captured screenshots and the edited graphics. This provides you with quick access to your captures.


Bug Shooting provides an API for creation of custom Outputs.

Free for Personal Usage

Bug Shooting is absolutely free for personal and non comercial usage.

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Free for Personal Usage

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